Anthrax To Play “Among The Living” For The First Time In the UK Its Entirety


Anthrax have played more Sonisphere festivals around Europe than any other band and have featured at Knebworth for every Sonisphere UK. But this summer, they are going one better, but performing not once, but twice at Knebworth. Not content with already performing on the Apollo stage on the Saturday, they are taking advantage of a day off on the Friday to give those in BOHEMIA a special treat, by stomping their way through their classic Among The Living album in full, in a sweaty, heaving tent. Here’s what guitarist Scott Ian has to say about it:

“A long time ago in a galaxy far far away (1986, New York City ) we wrote a record that at the time, we had no idea would become our “signature” record. We had a song about the plight of the American Indian, we had songs about Stephen King characters (Randall Flagg from The Stand and Todd Bowden from Apt Pupil), we had a song dedicated to Cliff Burton and another about John Belushi’s clichéd death. We had a song about Judge fucking Dredd and we had a song called ‘Caught In A Mosh/. We had SONGS.

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