9 Artisan Eateries at Sonisphere this year


This summer Sonisphere festival has an array of artisan food on offer that’s almost as tasty as the line-up. Time to get hungry. Here’s some of what you can eat at the festival:

Choose from The Eddie (6oz Fresh Beef Patty, Memphis Screamin’ Whiskey BBQ Sauce, Monterey Jack Cheese, Maple Bacon, Shredded Iceberg), Enter Cheeseman (6oz Fresh Beef Patty, Monterey Jack, French’s Mustard, Heinz Ketchup, Gherkin, Shredded Iceberg) or The Firestarter (6oz Fresh Beef Patty, Mexican Chilli Cheese, Chipotle Mayo, Jalapenos, Shredded Iceberg) courtesy of Half-Man, Half-Burger.


Unique in the UK, whole sides of salmon are cooked on cedar planks over an open log fire and then served in a roll or wrap with mayo, sweet chilli and baby leaf salad or with new potatoes or chunky chips.

Cheese truck

Every year you ask us to provide a Cheese Stall, so this year we’ve gone one better and given you a Cheese Truck, serving toasties like this, heavy negotiations are on about what is going on in the platter.

Cheese Truck Toasties

le grande bouffe 2

La Grande Bouffe specialises in the best of rustic French cooking. Specialities include: La Tartiflette Originale (sliced potatoes cooked in creamy French cheese and smoked bacon), veggie Gratin Dauphinois potatoes cooked in cream and garlic; pure pork sausage cooked in white wine; and sweet and savoury pancakes.

Le Grande Bouffe

Only using ingredients imported from Italy, Massimo the chef is fast-talking festival veteran, serving up authentic Italian pizza.

pizza 2
Howdy I’m Massimo.. If you were a pizza? What Pizza would you be ?


So many puns… So little time. Shar’s Salad Shack offers a Three-Bean Salad, a Smoked Mackerel Salad, a Grated Cheese Salad, a Tuna Salad, a Honey Ham Salad and a Freshly Shucked Oyster Salad. The oysters are fully sustainable and live until the point of sale! Watch the oyster shucking process, not only for the experience, but also so you realise you really can’t get a fresher ingredient!

Tea and toast
Tea And Toast have one aim: ‘To protect the world through tea’. Their mission? ‘Warm your cockles and feed your soul’. They say: “Soothe your sore throats after a hard night’s partying at the little yellow van covered in flowers.”

Eggy Bread

You’ll never taste Eggy Bread like it. Choose from Eggy Bread with summer fruits, smoky bacon, piri-piri chorizo, Malteasers or a mixture of all.


Ostrich burger

The award-winning I Love Ostrich provide wonderful healthy BBQ-ed ostrich burgers with toppings including Jack Daniels onions and Stilton mayo with wild rocket.

*Ostrich’s say Quack right? If you know better please write in.

Ostrich burger 2

More information at GoEuro

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