13 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About The Lounge Kittens


Cat-obsessed female trio The Lounge Kittens became something of an internet sensation earlier this year with their cover of Rollin’ and are now looking forward to meeting Limp Bizkit after their debut at Knebworth. Glamorous, tuneful and just a little bit geeky, they’re one of the acts determined to bring some festival fun to Sonisphere. But before you check them out, here are 10 things you probably don’t know about them:

1. Timia is obsessed with cartoons and barely watches anything that ISN’T animated.

2. Jenny is both musically classically and jazz trained, and believes that her love for classical music came from Ren and Stimpy.

3. Zan can do excellent dinosaur impressions and spends a lot of her time as a T-Zannosaurus Rex. She also invented the t-rexican wave.

4. The first time Jenny sang karaoke in public (aged 11) she wet herself. From the fear of applause.

5. Jenny wanted to learn saxophone at age 5 because of the Animal Hospital theme tune.

6. Zan went to drama school and worked as a professional actor for many years.

7. Timia and Jenny’s first conversation was regarding the fact that they were both wearing exactly the same socks (black and white houndstooth with a silver glitter rim).

8. Zan really likes beards. Really, really likes them. Jen has a fear of beards.

9. Timia and Jenny love to game – you can find them on xbox live: T1M1A & TheJennyMeow – They challenge you to a game of Battleblock Theatre (Yeah, the one about cats)

10. Jen and Zan both have cats. Jen has two gorgeous kittens. Zan has a miserable old bag of a cat called Monkey, who is a bit of a dickhead.

11. Jenny can play 10 instruments as well as sing in many different styles.

12. Between them, The Lounge Kittens have worn every single colour in their hair at some point.

13. One of The Lounge Kittens might be a drag queen…

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