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Information A – Z

Published on February 13th, 2012

Age Restrictions
Anyone who is under 16 must be accompanied by an adult (18 and over). ID will be checked.
You will not be allowed to bring alcohol into the festival unless you are 18 or over. If you cannot prove your age you will be asked to leave the alcohol at the entrance or be refused entry.
The bars operate a strict “Challenge 25” scheme. If you appear to be 25 or under you will be asked for ID to prove that you are 18 or over. You will only need to do this once as the bar staff will then give you a wristband that you can show for the remainder of the weekend. We recommend that you lock away your ID once you have done this.
Accepted ID is a passport, driving license (with photo) or the government’s proof of age scheme card – www.pass-scheme.org.uk. It is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct ID.

Bohemia is the name of the entertainment area which opens on Thursday 3rd July and remains open 24 hours a day till 3am on Monday 7th July. It hosts the Bohemia tent stage, funfair rides, market stalls, cafes, a bar with seating, food stalls plus medical, welfare, festival information and lost property.

There are security and stewarding personnel throughout the site plus the police will be present in the campsites and carparks. However, there will always be some people who target festival sites and crowds. The main crimes on a festival site are thefts from your tents and your pockets. There are things you can do to keep your belongings safe and avoid having your weekend spoiled:
•    Pick-pocketing now regularly takes place at the front of the crowd at concerts and festivals, particularly when it is very busy and you are less aware of people bumping into you. Don’t keep your wallet, money or phones in your back pockets. Use zip up pockets whenever you can and attach things to your trousers using a lanyard.
•    When you have settled into the campsite, get to know your neighbours, Find out who should be going in and out of their tent and make sure they know the same about yours. If you get suspicious about anyone, tell a steward.
•    Don’t leave items on view in your car. Thieves know that you probably won’t be going back to your car for a couple of days. This also goes for Sat Nav marks on your windscreen.
•    Look out for people behaving suspiciously and either talk to a steward or call the crimestoppers number which will be displayed around the site.

Crowd Surfing
Those who persistently crowd surf will be ejected from the festival.

Deposit Scheme
Please see Deposit Scheme page for full details.

You will be able to bring food and drink in the campsite plus food and small bottles of water will be allowed into the arena. You are welcome to bring a reasonable amount of your alcohol into the campsite but you will not be permitted to take it into Bohemia or the rest of the arena. All alcohol in glass containers must be decanted into plastic before entry will be permitted into any areas of the festival.

No fires of any size are permitted. Please alert the security teams if you see any being started. We don’t want to be killjoys but fire and alcohol mixed with tents being close to each other is just a risk that we can’t permit. Bring a blanket to keep you warm at night and get nice and close to your friends.

We know that flags look great on the screens and it can be exciting to spot where you are standing but they can spoil the view for hundreds of people and after hearing the complaints we took the decision a few years ago to ban flags on poles in the arena and it proved to a popular one. You can have them in the campsite to mark your territory but please leave them there. Flags without poles can be taken into the arena.

SLR Cameras, those with detachable lenses are not allowed in the arena. Snapshot ones are fine.

There is an information tent in Bohemia which can give you details on a wide variety of subjects from train timings to stage timings and where to go for lost property. The people who work in the information tent love to chat so just pop in for a conversation if you have a spare five minutes. You can also leave feedback about the festival with the info guys and it will get to the organising team. They’ve had impromptu karaoke sessions previously too so who knows what they will get up to this year.
Additionally there will be information stewards walking around the festival site. They will be carrying a sign to identify them. Feel free to stop them and ask them anything you like. Really, anything. They’ll love it.

These are small so are perfect to leave car keys, wallets, phones, iPods etc. in. Take what money you will need for that day and lock the rest up. Lock all of it up before you go back to the campsite to sleep. They are open 24hrs a day. A 12v socket (a car charging socket) is provided within the locker, customers will need to bring their own chargers. Lockers can be booked via the tickets page.

For other charging facilities, please see Portable Phone Charging – Volt below.

Lost Property
Lost property will be handled by the team in the Welfare tent in Bohemia. Some property gets found during the clear up in the week after the event so it is always worth checking a couple of weeks later to see if your item has turned up. Check back here for details of who to contact after the event is over.

Opening Times
Please see festival timings page

Portable Phone Charging – Volt
With Volt Recharging Service you will never have to worry about running out of power. Volt Mobile Charger recharges your phone in your pocket. Sign-up for a Volt Charger, charge your phone on the go and swap the charger to stay connected. Volt works with all phones and you can swap the Volt Charger once a day. You can reserve your Volt charger in advance or purchase on the day. Please see the Volt website here.

To apply for a trading stand at Sonisphere complete the appropriate form within the “Contact” section.

Stage Running times
Please see festival timings page
The Saturn and Apollo outdoor stages run in a “flip-flop” style which means that whilst one stage has a band performing on it, the other is being set up for the next band. There will be a gap of approximately 10-15 minutes between the bands ending and starting to allow people to take a short break and move to the other stage.

There are screens at both outdoor stages.

Security and stewarding will be provided throughout the entire festival site. They will all be in numbered uniform and will be SIA registered where appropriate. Supervisors and Managers are identifiable by their title being shown on the rear of their shirts. Any issues with a member of the security team should be brought to the attention of a supervisor or manager as soon as possible. Please note the number on their uniform to help us investigate and deal with any issues. Please be aware that it is a big site and whilst we try to give all staff every bit of useful information, there will be gaps in their knowledge. If you don’t get what you need from a steward, please try at the info tent or speak to a steward with a radio who will be able to contact their control room.

Shuttle Buses
See the “Getting there” section.

There are two outdoor stages; Apollo and Saturn. There is also the Bohemia stage which is in a big top. Details of other stages and entertainment will follow.

See “Getting There”.

The Welfare tent is there to help you in a variety of ways. You can go there if you need a bit of quiet time or just a chat or you are having problems with anything and need some help. You can also leave messages for other festival goers and hand in or look for lost property.
Welfare is open from 5pm on Thursday till 10am on Monday.